North Vista Highlands is the Future

An affordable community of sustainable homes built to the highest construction standards

There is nowhere else in Colorado like North Vista Highlands.

Here, homes are built better — with high-quality materials, small footprints, and sensible designs. In North Vista Highlands, community will thrive through a vibrant towne center, diverse residences, and numerous open spaces for neighbors to gather. 

And all of this in the foothills of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. During the week, work in the city. On weekends, adventure in the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

We invite you to join our movement — affordable, sustainable living at its best. 

Fountain Lake Subdivision

Our History

Our origins can be traced back to the 1880s when Pueblo was evolving into one of Colorado’s most important economic and social centers.

At the time, four towns – Pueblo, Central Pueblo, South Pueblo, and Bessemer – were consolidated into a single city. Diverse populations, culture, and industry rushed into Pueblo, transforming the small trading post into a bustling hub.

The Pueblo Real Estate Office envisioned a development in the northern part of the city that would serve as a safe haven away from the noise and smoke produced by manufacturers and smelters to the south.

In 1888, developers created the Fountain Lakes Subdivision on the property and began selling upscale lots, touting its gorgeous views and 40-acre lake centerpiece.

With North Vista Highlands, we are carrying on this legacy.

Zero Energy Ready

Every. Single. Home.

Zero energy ready homes represent the latest and greatest in housing design. Homes in North Vista Highlands can generate as much energy as they consume when equipped with renewable energy systems. 

Join our movement and live in Colorado’s first zero energy ready community of this size and scale.

Zero Energy Ready Home US

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Indoor AirPlus Qualified Home

Healthy Air -- Always

Every home in North Vista Highlands is built with state-of-the-art materials and technologies that promote healthy air quality.

Where We Are

10 minutes north of Pueblo, 40 minutes south of Colorado Springs
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