A Community Unlike Any Other

North Vista Highlands is special. Only in North Vista Highlands will you find a master-planned community that is this committed to affordable, sustainable living. Every single home in your new neighborhood will be zero energy ready and built to the highest standards. In your backyard, the incredible Rocky Mountains promise a lifetime of adventure for you and your family. Located just 10 minutes from downtown Pueblo and 40 minutes from Colorado Springs, you are never too far from an unforgettable experience. 

North Vista Highlands is being developed in a multi-phase approach, beginning with Phase 1A. Right from the start, Colorado’s leading sustainable home developers are hard at work building a first-of-its-kind community in the state.

We are currently accepting lot reservations.

Community Phase 1A

Phase 1A

The start of something special.

With Phase 1A, we kick-start North Vista Highlands with 162 high-quality, affordable zero energy ready homes and the towne center that will grow to be the heart and soul of the community.

Remember, this is only the beginning.

Phase 1B

With Phase 1B, we build on Phase 1A’s exciting start and add 47 more beautiful zero energy ready homes. Come and help shape the heart of North Vista Highlands while it’s still young.

Phase 1C

In Phase 1C, we will add 47 residential homes to our
fast-growing and exciting community.

Phase 1D

We wrap up Phase 1D with 28 additional residential homes in Colorado’s leading sustainable community development. 

Phase 2A-1

Coming alive.

In Phase 2A-1, we add 112 micro-suites and 8 commercial lots to North Vista Highlands, expanding our unique community in new ways.

Phase 2A-2

Phase 2A-2 will feature 22 more zero energy ready residences. Here, you will always be surrounded by good friends and
warm community.

Phase 2A-3

In Phase 2A-3, we will add 30 townhomes to North Vista Highlands and continue on our journey towards building Colorado’s most exciting community. 

Phase 2A-4

Phase 2A-4 will feature 23 high-quality and affordable zero energy homes for those who want to live somewhere
truly special.

Phase 2A-5

In Phase 2A-5, we will have 12 homes available for purchase. Click on the link below for more information.

Phase 2A-6

Phase 2A-6 will feature 26 more zero energy residences with low environmental footprints and optimized floor plans.

Phase 2A-7

With Phase 2A-7, we complete Phase 2 of North Vista Highlands by adding 32 more residences for those seeking a new and better way to live in community with others.

Phase 3A

Creating a legacy.

In Phase 3A, we add 9.5 acres for commercial use and continue to set North Vista Highlands apart from any other development in the state. The entire Phase 3A area has already sold.

Phase 3B

Phase 3B will consist of 110 more townhomes in the community. We have already sold all lots for this phase. 

Phase 3C

Phase 3C is a 16-acre portion of the North Vista Highlands community that is reserved for a future school site.

Phase 4

The final touches.

With Phase 4, Development Area 1 of North Vista Highlands is complete. 51 more high-quality and affordable homes will go to new neighbors who will breathe even more life into our community.

Where We Are

10 minutes north of Pueblo, 40 minutes south of Colorado Springs
Now taking lot reservations.

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